Self-Care in Addiction Recovery

self-care addiction recovery

Self-care is a crucial component of addiction recovery. We at Next Chapter Treatment teach our clients to practice self-care through self-acceptance, enhancing or developing spiritual practices, implementing healthy boundaries, living in moderation and observing mindfulness and balance, improving adequate sleep patterns, healthy eating, and regular exercise. Our comprehensive program of recovery puts a heavy emphasis […]

Am I Codependent?

am i codependent

A codependent individual will develop patterns within relationships that repeatedly compromise personal needs in favor of the needs and desires of the other person. If an individual is truly codependent, he or she will suffer at the hands of a complete lack of self-care, instead focusing all emotional energy on the well-being of another. Codependency, […]

Effective Communication – An Essential Recovery Skill

communication addiction recovery

Healthy and effective communication is a cornerstone of long-term addiction recovery. Setting healthy boundaries, honestly expressing feelings and emotions, and facing shame are all reliant on the ability to communicate effectively – and developing the skills necessary to healthy communication is essential to the maintenance of supportive and vital interpersonal relationships. While addiction recovery is […]

Mental Health, Drug Addiction, and the Judicial System

mental health, drug addiction, judicial system

For many, drug addiction and mental illness go hand-in-hand. This is typically either because drug addiction exacerbates the symptoms of mental disorders, or because those suffering from mental illnesses will utilize drugs and alcohol as a means of self-medication. It has been estimated that nearly three-quarters of individuals in jail who are afflicted with a […]

5 Daily Practices to Strengthen Your Sobriety

strengthen sobriety 5 practices

Early sobriety is a beautiful thing. The gifts of desperation and willingness propel us in the right direction – we are driven to action by the distinct memory of our final days. We vividly remember the physical pain and the mental agony of those last few weeks drinking and drugging. The loneliness, the fear, and […]

War Veterans and Substance Abuse

war veterans and substance abuse

It is not uncommon for service members to bring the inevitable trauma of combat with them into subsequent life as civilians, suffering from psychological and emotional repercussions long after they return home. One study concluded that one out of every four veterans returning home from Iraq or Afghanistan experienced significant symptoms of a cognitive or […]

5 Stages of Grief in Addiction Recovery

5 stages grief

The five stages of grief were first touched upon by Swiss psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book On Death and Dying, which was first published in 1969. The book explores the relationship that terminally ill patients have with their impending mortality, and the emotional process they must go through before accepting their ultimate fate. Since […]

Next Chapter – Our Stance on Aftercare

One of the most fateful mistakes a newly sober individual can make is returning home directly after inpatient treatment. While our specific treatment program puts a heavy emphasis on family involvement, it typically takes months of intensive therapeutic care to successfully alter detrimental family functioning. It is not uncommon for the parents of young addicts […]