Benefits of Male-Exclusive Treatment

male exclusive addiction treatment

It has been repeatedly proven that those who undergo treatment at a gender specific facility have immensely increased odds of maintaining long-term sobriety. Up until the early 1990s, drug addiction and alcoholism were viewed as predominantly male disorders, and most addiction treatment programs were geared exclusively towards men. Women who struggled with addiction were often […]

Attachment Disorders

attachment disorders

Attachment refers to the profound connection developed between a child and his or her caregiver. This connection will deeply affect a child’s development, as well as his or her ability to effectively express emotions and develop healthy and meaningful relationships later on in life. Individuals who suffer from attachment disorders will experience extreme difficulty managing […]

Finding Balance in Addiction Recovery

finding balance in addiction recovery

Addiction of any kind involves being constantly off balance – the sufferer experiences extreme highs and extreme lows and seems to reside in a very black-and-white world. The addict spends the vast majority of his or her time obsessing over a chemical substance or an activity, paying very little attention to things like work or […]

Surviving a Break-Up in Early Recovery

breaking up early recovery

Breaking up is hard to do. Add an alcoholic mind to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for incessant texts and phone calls, erratic, self-destructive behavior, and a deep-running resentment that may take years to effectively work through. One of the most common (and ignored) suggestions that a newcomer will receive is, “Don’t enter […]

The 5 Phases of Addiction Recovery

addiction recovery

It has been repeatedly proven that the longer a patient remains in treatment, the greater chance he or she has of staying sober long-term. It has also been proven that the length or treatment directly correlates to the success of treatment. For example, an alcoholic who simultaneously struggles with unresolved childhood trauma and problems relating […]

Internet Sex Addiction and The Age of Cybersex

internet sex addiction cybersex

The concept of a ‘technological addiction’ is somewhat difficult for the inexperienced layman to wrap his mind around. How could someone possibly be addicted to the Internet? I mean sure, some people use the world wide web a bit excessively, Googling everything and constantly posting real-time updates to their social media accounts. Some people take […]

Sex Addiction – Much More Than An Inclination

sex addiction

“Oh come on, sex addiction isn’t real. It’s just an excuse to get laid a lot.” “He’s a sex addict? It probably isn’t safe to be around him one-on-one.” “Sex addiction? What are you complaining about? If I could have any ‘disorder’ I’d choose one that allowed me to have sex all the time! Get […]