Trauma Focused Addiction Treatment

addiction treatment trauma

Kathryn Taylor, M.A., LPC/MHSP There are so many emerging treatments for addiction and related mental health disorders that it can seem overwhelming to choose the best way to feel better. One type of treatment worth considering is trauma-focused addiction treatment. This type of treatment works to help gently uncover the causes behind substance use and […]

Addiction – A Progressive Illness

alcoholism progressive disease

Substance dependency, like many other chronic, relapsing diseases, is highly progressive. This simply means that if left untreated, symptoms will progressively worsen – they will never get better on their own. The progressive nature of this particular disease is unique in the sense that even men and women who go into remission remain at risk […]

Men and Alcoholism – Why Men Drink More

men alcoholism alcohol rehab

It has been long-since proven that men are more likely than women to drink excessively, with roughly 4.5 percent of all men nationwide meeting the criteria for alcohol dependency within the past year (as compared to 2.5 percent of women). Additionally, men are significantly more inclined to take related risks while under the influence, such […]

Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

bipolar and addiction

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental disorder, characterized by sudden and intense changes in mood, energy level, and behavior. Those afflicted with bipolar disorder suffer from higher rates of interpersonal problems, economic instability, substance dependency, and attempted suicide than members of the general public. The relationship between bipolar disorder and substance dependency has been studied […]

Men and Addiction – 5 Reasons Why Male-Specific Rehab is Crucial

male specific men and addiction

Substance dependency, which was know for quite some time as an exclusively male issue, is responsible for the deaths of nearly 200,000 women each year. Nearly 4 million women nationwide are in desperate need of addiction treatment – and while men tend to battle addiction to a greater degree (10.8 percent of men versus 5.8 […]

Addiction and Depression

depression and addiction

Substance dependency and depression are very common comorbid disorders – the National Institute of Health recently reported that nearly one-third of individuals who had been diagnosed with depression simultaneously suffered from a substance abuse or dependency disorder at some point in their lives. The National Comorbidity Study found that men who suffered from alcohol dependence […]