What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy, also known as ‘talk therapy’, is one of the most widely utilized forms of mental health treatment, and has proven to be an absolutely essential component of effective addiction recovery. Essentially, psychotherapy is designed to treat those suffering from mental disorders through helping them to better understand the implications of their illness, which allows […]

Common Psychological Defense Mechanisms

psychological defense mechanisms

Essentially, defense mechanisms are manners in which we behave or think that protect us from a full awareness of unpleasant feelings. Psychologists have categorized defense mechanisms based on how primitive they are – the more primitive, the less effective in the long-term. However, primitive defense mechanisms are typically exceptionally effective in the short-term, which is […]

Alcoholism – The ‘Family Disease’

alcoholism family disease

Alcoholism is often referred to as a ‘family disease’, and not merely because the disorder is hereditary. Alcoholism greatly impacts the stability of the home while devastating the mental and emotional health of everyone involved. The disease works to destroy family unity and enhance dysfunction, deeply marring long-standing family dynamics – sometimes to the point […]