Consequences of Enmeshment and Narcissistic Parenting

narcissistic enmeshment

Enmeshment refers to a dysfunctional state where two of more people suffer from an extreme lack of critical personal boundaries. In most cases, enmeshment will occur between a parent and a child, though it can occur between adult couples or entire families. A narcissistic parent can be defined as a parent who is possessive of, […]

How Early Childhood Trauma Can Cause Addiction

childhood trauma addiction

Substance use disorder, also known as addiction, is actually a quite complex condition. Every person usually has a choice to first try substances like alcohol or other drugs, but some people are simply more susceptible to eventually becoming dependent on or addicted to substances or addictive behaviors (such as gambling or internet addiction). Most clinicians […]

Addiction and The Family

addiction and the family

Addiction is not merely about drinking to excess and using drugs. Addiction profoundly affects the behavior of the addict, as well as his or her thinking patterns, emotional well-being, and spiritual health. Essentially, addiction will contaminate every area of life, spreading like a contagion and infecting the lives of others as it does. You, the […]

The Truth About Love Addiction

men and love addiction

Of all behavioral addictive disorders, love addiction is perhaps the most difficult to understand and accept. Gambling addiction, for example, is relatively straightforward. The afflicted either spends too much time at the casino, compulsively purchases scratch off tickets, or begins losing his marriage to a seemingly strange inability to stay away from online poker for […]

Trauma, Stress Disorders, and The Brain

trauma stress attachment

The human brain is the command central for the body. At birth, it is by far the most undifferentiated organ, and it possesses the ability to create new neural circuity for the remainder of an individual’s life. Newfound knowledge regarding life-long plasticity (based on advances in neuroscience which began in the early 90s), have continued […]