Our Team Talks Trauma and Addiction: Hugh Nash on the Opiate Epidemic

hugh nash

Hugh Nash, the Director of Business Development at Next Chapter Treatment, has worked in the field of addiction for over 26 years. He boasts extensive experience in counseling, program administration, admissions, and business development – though his true passion lies in helping addicts and their families. Having served in leadership positions at three prominent and […]

Attachment Disorders and Alcoholism

attachment alcoholism

Attachment theory was originally described by psychologist John Bowlby as the biologically rooted tendencies of individuals to create strong emotional bonds with their primary caregivers during their first few years of life. Numerous extensive studies conducted on attachment relationships clearly confirm that the history of early attachment directly affects the health of interpersonal relationships throughout […]

Love Addiction and Relationship Cycles

love addiction relationships

Like all other addictive disorders, love addiction follows specific patterns, and becomes relatively predictable after awhile. The alcoholic will eventually fall into a pattern of drinking, stopping by the liquor store after work every day to purchase two large bottles of wine, or perhaps drinking 5 shots of vodka before work, during lunch, and before […]

Breaking Up in Sobriety – Learning to Grieve

sober breakup sobriety

I remember going through breakups back when I was drinking. I would fall madly in love in a matter of weeks, and spend every waking moment by the side of my newfound soulmate. Eventually, the reality of my condition would bubble to the surface, and I would find myself unable to successfully feign sanity or […]

Sex Addiction and Sexual Anorexia

sexual anorexia

Sex addiction has received a fair amount of publicity over the course of the past several years – from the movies Shame, Nymphomaniac, and Thanks for Sharing which feature sex-addicted protagonists to a variety of celebrities checking themselves into sex rehab, it almost seems as if sex addiction is the trendiest new addictive disorder. Sex […]

What is Interpersonal Relational Trauma?

interpersonal relational trauma

Interpersonal Relational Trauma, commonly referred to as IRT, is identified as a type of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). IRT occurs when exploitative emotional harm is done to one individual by another individual in a marital or primary interpersonal relationship through any form of betrayal, infidelity, abuse, or addiction. In most cases, Interpersonal Relational Trauma involves […]

Drinkless Dating: How to Date in Sobriety

dating sober

Interacting with other human beings is a difficult thing to do. Making eye contact for prolonged periods of time, holding conversation, listening and reacting appropriately… it is all pretty overwhelming. Believe it or not, most of us alcoholics are in the same boat when it comes to crippling social anxiety. In fact, a deep-seated fear […]