Self-Actualization – The 16 Characteristics

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Self-actualization is a concept first brought to light by American psychologist Abraham Maslow, represented clearly in his ‘Hierarchy of Needs’, which is still widely recognized and utilized throughout the human psychological community today. Maslow describes the most joyous and meaningful life as one directed towards self-actualization – fulfillment of the ultimate human need. Self-actualization occurs […]

Self-Actualization and Addiction Recovery

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Self-actualization: The realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone. Self-actualization represents a concept developed by American human psychological theorist Abraham Maslow. The hierarchy is based on a paper he submitted back in 1943, titled A Theory of Human Motivation. In 1954, Maslow published a […]

What I Learned on My Cross-Country Road Trip – Part 2

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We stay away from chemical substance for a year or two, and we begin to really feel like ourselves – maybe in a way we haven’t since we were very, very young. As soon as we start drinking and drugging, we diminish our ability to naturally develop and evolve. Our lives quickly become centered around […]

Sex Addiction and Love Addiction – What’s the Difference?

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Michael is a handsome 32-year-old lawyer, who divorced his wife shortly after they married – as soon as the sexual intensity began to fizzle out. He has since become hooked on the ‘high’ of the chase, incessantly pursuing unavailable, high-profile women (who somewhat resemble his wealthy, emotionally unavailable mother). He is convinced that his life […]

What is Psychodrama?

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Psychodrama therapy, which was first developed by Dr. Jacob Moreno, is a creative and practical therapeutic technique that utilizes role playing and guided drama to help patients actively work through personal problems and painful past memories. Psychodrama has proven useful in one-on-one settings and in a group settings (sociodrama), but is most commonly employed in […]

More About: Therapeutic Techniques

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It is not uncommon for treatment centers to casually mention a long and impressive list of therapeutic techniques. Many facilities spout off methodologies such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, art therapy, equine therapy, meditation and breath work, and adventure therapy… but how many of these facilities actually incorporate all of the aforementioned techniques into their programs? […]

Attachment Disorders and Unhealthy Relational Patterns

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Attachment is a natural phenomenon – one that occurs in nearly every significant interpersonal relationship. Attachment almost always begins within the first few years of life, occurring between an infant and his or her mother (or primary caregiver). Some believe that attachment begins between mother and child when the child is still in the womb. […]