Love Addiction and Avoidance Addiction

Portrait of unhappy young couple who have fallen out over a disagreement sitting on a sofa. Woman in the front and the man in the background.

You have likely heard the old adage, “opposites attract”. In the case of the love addict and avoidance addict, this long-standing axiom could not ring more true. The love addicted individual strives to completely enmesh herself with another individual, combatting a deep-seated fear of abandonment and emotional neglect with the continuous development of unhealthy and […]

Codependency and Love Addiction

Codependency is a highly complicated and individualized emotional issue, one that will vary dramatically on a case-by-case basis. Despite the degree of codependent behaviors exhibited by any one individual, the disorder is always characterized by excessive emotional and psychological reliance on a partner. In many instances, this partner will require a greater than average degree […]

Sober Home Cleanup Bill Passed in Florida

florida sober home

Mark is prescribed a narcotic painkiller by his family doctor after sustaining a minor injury during a high school football game. He comes from a middle-class, suburban family with no genetic predisposition to or history of substance abuse. Both of Mark’s parents have consistently urged him to follow through with everything he starts, and his […]