Bipolar Disorder and Chemical Dependency

Bipolar disorder, which was once commonly referred to as manic depression, is a serious mental illness, characterized by abrupt and severe shifts in energy levels, behavioral patterns, and mood. Individuals who are afflicted with bipolar disorder tend to have a difficult time maintaining consistency within their own lives, and have been known to suffer interpersonal […]

“South Florida Saved My Life”

An old friend messaged me early this morning, sending over a link to the latest national news story discussing (and, well, openly condemning) the current ‘recovery’ practices in Southern Florida. NBC News published an investigative piece late Sunday night, which focuses on the greed and corruption that has undeniably plagued the Southern Florida treatment industry […]

Self-Forgiveness and Taking Responsibility

The ability to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and perceived shortcomings is crucial to our psychological and emotional well-being. Those who have a difficult time forgiving themselves are more prone to developing substance abuse issues and eating disorders, along with a variety of other serious, self-destructive problems. Yet while self-forgiveness is crucial to a better […]

An Amends is Not ‘I’m Sorry’

Man in suit holding pink roses and sign that says sorry

During active addiction, we become essentially incapable of weighing the consequences of our actions. Addiction is a disease of obsession and compulsion, and somewhere along the way, we completely lose the power of choice. Willpower becomes obsolete the more our neuropathways change, and we begin behaving in ways we never thought possible. We stoop to […]