Healing from Relational Trauma in Current Relationships

relational trauma

Falling in love is one of the most magnificent and fulfilling experiences any human being will have the opportunity to undergo. Building a stable and lasting relationship can be quite trying, but many will argue that commitment and consistency are truly what love is all about. Once the initial attraction gives way to irrevocable admiration, […]

Breadwinning – How Men are Affected by this Cultural Standard

men and breadwinning

Since prehistoric times, the human race has adopted and carried out very specific gender roles. The men were hunters, the women were foragers. As society became more and more civilized (arguably), gender roles shifted – but persisted. Up until very, very recently, the men in American society were consistently expected to land a good job, […]

How Controlling Parents Shape Our Adult Selves

familial trauma control

When I was a freshman in high school, I remember being embarrassed to bring any friends over to the house. “My parents aren’t… cool,” I used to explain. “They’re super strict and controlling.” And I did, sincerely, believe that they were probably the most controlling and uncompromising couple of old kooks in town. After all, […]

Why We Rebel

why we rebel

We were all teenagers at one point or another, blighted by the insubordinate angst that seemed to go hand-in-hand with adolescence. In fact, rebellion can be considered one of the most indisputable characteristics of the teenage years – and it is one guaranteed to cause quite a bit of conflict on the home front. Rebellion, […]

Chug, Chug, Chug – Why College-Aged Men Drink More

alcoholism males

The role of alcohol in American society and culture has always been rather ambivalent (since the Colonial Period, at least). For quite a long time, alcohol consumption was considered a masculine activity. When Alcoholics Anonymous was first established in the mid-1930s, it was developed as an organization open only to men. As time went on, […]

Emerging Treatments for Alcoholism Include… Poppin’ Molly?

mdma alcoholism

If you were born sometime in the late 80s or early 90s, chances are you had the opportunity to dabble in the rave scene. Hardcore EDM, rainbow tutus, and plenty of Vick’s VapoRub to go around. Oh, and of course… those colorful little pills that made us feel so good. For those who missed out […]