Staff Highlight – Laurie Watter

laurie watter meet the staff

Laurie Watter, RN, BSN, received her undergraduate degree in nursing and healthcare from Alfred University and a graduate certificate in Addiction and Recovery from the University of Florida. Her professional focus changed direction when she learned first-hand of the ways in which chemical dependency can impact a family. She is a nationally certified family recovery […]

Am I an Enabler?


The concept of enabling may seem somewhat straightforward – when we enable a loved one, we do for others what they need (and can) do for themselves. However, it can be exceptionally difficult to determine the difference between supporting, assisting, and enabling – especially when loved ones are involved. Parents are biologically hardwired to want […]

Healthy Communication – Barriers and Breaking Through Them

effective communication

When we enter into recovery, we are essentially experiencing a second childhood, during which we will develop, grow, and learn essential life skills that may have previously eluded us. We may believe that getting clean and sober will be sufficient enough, but the truth is that this is only the very beginning of what will […]

The Imago Dialogue

imago dialogue

Imago Relationship Therapy was first developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD. In developing this specific method of relationship therapy, they drew from numerous, broad range psychological ideas and a wide variety of existing therapeutic practices. They combined these ideas and methodologies in a way that uniquely emphasizes the mutuality of romantic […]

Obtaining Balance in Recovery

balance in recovery

Addiction is a disease of immoderation. Shrouded in utter chaos, the afflicted individual devotes his or her days to a devastating cycle of obsession and compulsion. Every waking moment revolves around seeking, obtaining, and using. Whether the addiction pertains to alcohol, drugs, sex, love, or money, it entirely consumes the involved individual to the point […]