Pharmaceutical Intervention – Is It Necessary?

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Although it has been many years since my personal journey of recovery began, I can distinctly remember nearly everything about my inpatient treatment experience. One of the moments I most vividly remember is the moment the in-house psychiatrist informed me that my clinical team had decided to prescribe me Lexapro. “What? Excuse me? You must […]

Malia Birk – Staff Highlight


Meet Malia Birk, LCSW, one of the invaluable Primary Therapists at Next Chapter Treatment. Malia is a licensed Clinical Social Worker; she received her Master’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University, where she graduated with honors. Malia has been heavily involved in the recovery field since 2010, and has extensive experience working in […]

Camaraderie in Trauma Recovery

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One of the most beneficial aspects of inpatient treatment is often overlooked. Not only does a residential treatment setting allow for intensive, clinical and therapeutic healing, but this type of setting also allows patients to foster strong, interpersonal bonds. Bonds that will be essential to continued recovery. For those who have long-since struggled with life-threatening […]

Staff Highlight- Hugh Nash


Meet Hugh Nash, the Director of Business Development for Next Chapter Treatment. Hugh has been heavily involved in numerous aspects of the treatment industry for over 26 years. His roles at Next Chapter include cultivating referral relationships, developing marketing strategies, and assisting families who are seeking help. Hugh draws from his personal journey of recovery […]

Escaping Irma – Days 2 and 3

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Many of our clients come into treatment with a long-standing inability to form healthy and meaningful relationships with other men. Many of our clients come in with unresolved relational trauma that occurred during childhood; trauma that has deeply (and often unwittingly) affected the nature and quality of all interpersonal relationships since it occurred. In some […]

Staff Highlight – Dr. Robert Steinberg

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Meet Robert Steinberg, MD – our beloved Next Chapter Medical Director! Dr. Steinberg brings nearly 30 years of hands-on experience to the Next Chapter team, and continues to contribute an unparalleled amount of professional knowledge and personal insight to our comprehensive program.  Staff Highlight – Meet Dr. Robert Steinberg I grew up in New Jersey.  […]