Who We Are

Next Chapter is a male-exclusive addiction and trauma treatment program designed to help transform the lives of individuals who are struggling with addiction and related disorders. Not only do we focus on bettering the lives of the afflicted individual, but we prioritize improving family functioning and treating the family as a whole. Next Chapter utilizes both traditional and experiential group therapies, educational groups, individual therapy, extensive family therapy, and a 12-step immersion program to help patients develop the skills necessary to long-term recovery. At Next Chapter, our focus is on helping patients understand and address the underlying issues that have contributed to their addictive and self-destructive behaviors.

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Whether this is your first attempt at treatment or one of many, Next Chapter is here to assist you and your family throughout this challenging period. At Next Chapter we truly believe that one size does not fit all. Each client is treated as an individual, and works together with our Clinical Team to develop a treatment plan specifically for them, based upon each client’s individual experiences and challenges.


The Clinical Team at Next Chapter, all masters level and above clinicians, were specifically chosen based on their level of expertise and their passion to connect with our clients. Next Chapter’s Clinical Team helps each client look inward to understand their behavior patterns, causes of those behavior patterns, and teaches new methods of achieving resilience going forward. Becoming a mature, loving, responsible, accountable, self-aware and functional member of society is our goal for every client.
Once clients begin to achieve an understanding of their inner selves they can then begin to grow emotionally and spiritually. Once the veil of addiction and trauma is lifted, clients have the opportunity to become whole. Focusing on a future of recovery and life fulfillment, clients are immersed into a 12 Step orientation and education process that offers them the spiritual tools to become complete and whole. Next Chapter’s 12 Step team is highly trained and experienced in helping others navigate the 12 Step process to fulfillment and peace.

90 Days ago, with little hope and feelings of total helplessness, I drove my son from New York to Next Chapter on a recommendation from our District Attorney’s office. We were meet with an instant feeling of understanding and renewed hope. Addiction is a life-long battle, but with the understanding, therapy and commitment that was given at Next Chapter I feel cautiously optimistic regarding my son’s recovery. Next Chapter and their staff I regard as high level professionals.
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