A key component to the the therapeutic process is where our patients live and how they function outside of the clinical setting

Our residence provides a home-like, non-institutional environment, geared towards the promotion of personal responsibility and healthy interactions with other patients and staff members. Our patients live together, shop for groceries together, cook meals together, and challenge one another to overcome dysfunctional behavioral and thought patterns. Living together in this manner creates a sense of intimacy and connection, and allows our patients to support one another while holding each other accountable and learning to live a sober lifestyle. This communal way of living helps to instill the tools necessary to success following treatment, as our clients return to their families and begin the next chapter of their lives.

Patients at Next Chapter live together in a beautiful 5 bedroom home, situated on an acre of property only a mile way from our clinical offices. The residence comes fully equipped with multiple luxury amenities, included a swimming pool, a spacious backyard, a peaceful meditation garden, a large, flat-screen television, two large living room areas, and several computers for our patients to use in their free time.

Patients will plan meals, grocery shop together, and cook meals together while learning to manage a weekly grocery budget of $110. The patients work together as a family to maintain the cleanliness of the property. They will be responsible for keeping their own personal space clean, as well as doing their own laundry and participating in daily house chores.

Our Residential Staff

Our Resident Managers provide full-time, on-site support at the residence. The residential staff works closely with our patients, and provides them with both support and accountability.

  • The residential staff documents and reports all pertinent information that occurs at the residence, and shares such information with the clinical team.
  • The residential staff plays a vital role in delivering much of the 12-step curriculum, introducing our clients to potential sponsors and helping to guide them through the recovery process.
  • The residential staff helps our clients adjust to treatment, and deals with any concerns clients may have throughout the course of their stay.
My journey (and growth!) of these last several months has been tremendous, and I could not be more grateful to Next Chapter and all involved for your part in helping me to open my eyes and heart to a self-awareness I have not had in a very, very long time. I took your suggestions from our first initial conversations of getting back to 12 step meetings, counseling and my own inward continued journey. I express genuine, true heartfelt thanks for that
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