There are two separate fee components to the program: clinical fees and residential fees.

In most cases, a portion of the fees for the clinical services are covered by insurance companies. Patients will be responsible for deductibles as well as out-of-pocket expenses. For those patients without insurance benefits or those that would prefer to self-pay entirely, we do offer discounted out-of-pocket rates for clinical services.

We will gladly contact your insurance company in order to determine your personal eligibility, and we will then provide you with the estimated cost of your loved one’s stay at Next Chapter. We will attempt to work with out of network insurance benefits to offset the cost of treatment.

The residential fees are calculated on a monthly basis and include room and board. These fees are not covered by insurance.

We may utilize insurance benefits to offset the cost of treatment

My journey (and growth!) of these last several months has been tremendous, and I could not be more grateful to Next Chapter and all involved for your part in helping me to open my eyes and heart to a self-awareness I have not had in a very, very long time. I took your suggestions from our first initial conversations of getting back to 12 step meetings, counseling and my own inward continued journey. I express genuine, true heartfelt thanks for that
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