If you are interested in attending Next Chapter, or you believe that your loved one would benefit from our clinical program, the very first step is to reach out to our Director of Admissions (or one of our admissions representatives). In the majority of cases, the entire admissions process can be completed over the phone. A thorough clinical will initially be conducted to determine whether or not the potential patient is appropriate for our intensive therapeutic program. If it is determined that another clinical program may be a better fit, we will find a treatment facility that is a good match and make the appropriate referral.

Once an individual has been accepted into our male-exclusive program of recovery, he will immediately be submersed in our strictly structured and comprehensive clinical program.

Patients begin their day by participating in a morning meditation and setting and sharing their daily goals. Next, they prepare breakfast and complete their mandatory daily chores. Following morning chores, patients attend various group therapies until lunch. Patients eat lunch together and then attend topic related groups, individual sessions, and fitness programs. The patients all prepare and eat dinner together and enjoy some relaxation before heading to an outside 12-step meeting. The day ends with a nightly meditation and an evening inventory.


Next Chapter saved my life. I am a 38 year old who has struggled with addiction for my entire adult life. I have also tried to battle this many times and have a history of chronic relapse. I have been through other treatment centers and have never been able to maintain permanent sobriety...
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