Breaking Up is Hard To Do (Especially for the Codependent)


The majority of the romantic relationships we enter will someday come to an end. People grow apart – this is simply a part of life. Fortunately, dating the “wrong” people will ultimately lead us to the “right” person; every romantic involvement will help us decide what is truly important in a partner. When a relationship […]

Self-Love and the Valentine’s Day Myth


Yes, superficially we all understand that Valentine’s Day is merely another way for big businesses to capitalize on our insatiable need to fit in with the masses; to spend money in ‘celebration’ of love, or friendship, or whatever else. In reality, however, many of us will bristle as we pass the stuffed bears and chocolate […]

Next Chapter Now Offering Intensives!


We at Next Chapter offer a comprehensive inpatient treatment program geared towards helping men overcome the lasting effects of trauma, mental illness, and/or addictive disorders. However, we recognize that – although typically immensely beneficial – inpatient treatment is not right for everyone. In some instances, individuals will benefit more from a short, intensive therapeutic program. […]

Lacking Resolve – How to Beat the New Year Drop-Off


Happy New Year! Happy New Year! The clock strikes midnight and just like that, the new year has begun. For a fleeting moment, we feel a strong sense of community – we hear our friends and neighbors cheering in celebration; fireworks speckle the sky, party horns sound, and we give a big, optimistic hug to […]

Grief, Overdose Death & Recovery- The War of the Millennial Generation


Written by Heidi Dike Kingston, LCSW, C-CATODSW, CSAT-C Overdose deaths in the United States exceeded 49,000 last year, with overdoses from prescription opioids driving these numbers most in the last 10 years. While it has largely not discriminated against any age, race or socioeconomic group, overdose death has changed the way millennials and their families […]

A Different Kind of Treatment

Key Distinctions that Contribute to Next Chapter’s Success Fresh Thinking It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. While this can obviously apply to those with dependencies that stem from personal trauma, it can also apply to how recovery centers treat […]

Program Spotlight – Diet and Nutrition


Individuals who struggle with mental health conditions will inevitably have a difficult time caring for themselves. Those who battle depression, for example, will likely experience harshly decreased motivation, leading to a decline in exercise and adequate nutrition. Those with substance abuse disorders will prioritize obtaining and using their drug of choice, and in doing so, […]