Family Treatment VS Family Program

Next Chapter’s Systemic Approach to Treating Dependencies Family Matters It is a well-accepted fact within the recovery community that you cannot effectively treat the addicted without the involvement of their families. Often, family members are the unintentional enablers or triggers for the behaviors that led to dependency to begin with. However, it is also these […]

Dealing with an Addicted Loved One Over the Holidays


The holiday season can be stressful in and of itself. Presents to purchase, wrap, and ship off (after waiting for hours in the unmoving lines at the local post office). Dinner parties to organize, cook for, and clean up after (after mediating booze-fueled arguments between politically opinionated family members). Add an active addiction to the […]

Am I an Enabler?


The concept of enabling may seem somewhat straightforward – when we enable a loved one, we do for others what they need (and can) do for themselves. However, it can be exceptionally difficult to determine the difference between supporting, assisting, and enabling – especially when loved ones are involved. Parents are biologically hardwired to want […]

Breadwinning – How Men are Affected by this Cultural Standard

men and breadwinning

Since prehistoric times, the human race has adopted and carried out very specific gender roles. The men were hunters, the women were foragers. As society became more and more civilized (arguably), gender roles shifted – but persisted. Up until very, very recently, the men in American society were consistently expected to land a good job, […]

How Controlling Parents Shape Our Adult Selves

familial trauma control

When I was a freshman in high school, I remember being embarrassed to bring any friends over to the house. “My parents aren’t… cool,” I used to explain. “They’re super strict and controlling.” And I did, sincerely, believe that they were probably the most controlling and uncompromising couple of old kooks in town. After all, […]