Treating Trauma: The Next Chapter Approach

EDUCATE In a previous blog article, we discussed at length how the deep, intensive distress of personal trauma can often lead to dysfunction, dependency, and self-destructive behavior. Unfortunately, although the link between trauma and addiction has been well known for decades, it is uncommon for addiction treatment to focus upon resolving trauma. It is even […]

Surviving the Holidays – Recovery Edition


The holiday season is finally upon us. As we plan the feast, deck the halls, and prepare to welcome in a new year, we may be overwhelmed by a flood of over-commitment, high expectations, and emotional exhaustion. The holidays can be a joyous time – a time spent vacationing from the stressors of day-to-day life […]

Codependency and Love Addiction – What’s the Difference?


While both codependency and love addiction stem from childhood trauma (and often go hand-in-hand), it is possible to suffer from love addiction without being codependent – and vice versa. Roughly two decades ago, a deeper understanding of the insidious disorder now known as love addiction was just beginning to emerge. Our earliest understandings of the […]