Trauma Recovery – Recognizing Inherent Value


The psychology of men, and why traumatized men frequently need to develop an authentic sense of self-worth during the recovery process. Men and Self-Worth They way we perceive ourselves affects the way we interact with others; it affects our motivation, our development of life goals… pretty much every aspect of our lives. At a young […]

Breath Work in Trauma Recovery


Continued suffering from a past trauma does not indicate weakness, illness or being at fault for what happened. It’s important to understand that. Especially because those feelings can be barriers to getting help. And if left untreated, trauma’s effects can linger and show up in various ways. Trauma victims are more likely to isolate themselves, […]

Childhood Wounds and Adult Relationships


“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength.” – Sigmund Freud Developing and maintaining healthy, functional adult relationships certainly takes a lot of work. Forging a long-term partnership with another human being is no small task – in doing so, we must learn to communicate, compromise, and set firm personal boundaries. We must learn to […]

The Simple Complexity of Marriage (And the Role of Childhood Trauma)


When we think of marriage, we think of a romantic union between two long-time lovers – two dedicated and established adults who are ready to commit to a lifetime of civil union. However, marriage did not always have very much to do with mutual ardor. Up until the eighteenth century, marriages were pre-arranged, pragmatic, and […]

Anger, Rage, and Trauma Recovery

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Could Misplaced Anger be a Sign of Healing? We often view anger as an unhealthy emotional response to deeper, underlying issues. If a man yells at his girlfriend for ‘flirting’ with another man, for example, he may be expressing deep-seated insecurities in an impulsive way, falling back on rage because hurt (emotional vulnerability) may be […]