Delray Beach Police to Carry Naloxone

The Delray Beach Police Department will officially become the first department in Palm Beach County to carry naloxone – a heroin overdose antidote that has saved innumerable lives since its recent emergence. Delray Beach Fire Rescue has been carrying the antidote since 2014, and has been working hard to train all department members in proper administration techniques. Since the Fire Rescue began using naloxone in January 2014, it has proven to be somewhat of an essential tool in saving the lives of those suffering from heroin addiction. From January 2015 to October 2015, a total of 341 cases required naloxone administration – there were 145 overdoses in the first 10 months of 2015 alone (roughly 70% directly attributed to heroin). Drug addiction has rapidly become the leading cause of accidental death throughout the United States, with a total of 47,055 overdose-related deaths in 2014. Opioid addiction accounted for 10,574 of these drug-related deaths. As the years go by and the rates of heroin addiction continue to skyrocket, the number of deaths only continues to climb.

More About Naloxone

In response to the alarming number of opioid-related overdose deaths, 35 states currently allow members of the general population to obtain naloxone without a prescription. Florida, however, only allows first responders to administer the medication. Yet not all first responders throughout Florida carry this life-saving antidote, which is a bit disconcerting considering the alarming number of annual regional deaths. West Palm Beach police officers are not equipped with naloxone, yet seven individuals died of heroin overdose in February alone (brining the total number of deaths since December to 11). Those resident to Delray Beach and familiar with the role heroin plays in the community will certainly be pleased to hear that the Delray Beach Drug Task Force recently wrote a grant requesting 400 auto-injectors of naloxone, which will be provided to the fire rescue. This has made it possible for the fire department to supply the Delray Beach Police with naloxone nasal spray at no charge – a huge benefit considering it has become all but necessity over the course of the past couple of years.

Naloxone is but a Beginning

Delray Beach is nationally known as the ‘Recovery Capital’ of the United States. Of course, get thousands of low-bottom drug addicts together in the same beachside city and you’re bound to be presented with some level of delinquency. While it may be true that everyone who relocates to Delray Beach in search of recovery comes with the genuine intention of getting and staying clean, the prevalence of scheming ‘flop houses’ and corrupt IOP facilities makes it all too easy for an addict with adequate insurance to live for free while getting high. Naloxone is great, and it has saved countless lives since its development and dispersion. But once one has been sufficiently revived, he or she will only resort right back to using unless additional measures are taken. This is where treatment comes into play. We at Next Chapter Treatment believe that comprehensive treatment is essential to long-term sobriety, and we have dedicated our lives to ensuring that all of our individual patients are receiving the personalized and thorough care they both need and deserve. No insurance fraud, no flop houses, no IOP programs or the like – only authentic, therapeutically-based treatment – the kind necessary to reversing this devastating drug trend once and for all.