Meet Our Team – June Additions

6 members of Next Chapter's diverse team have a meeting in white chairs

As our program continues to grow, so does our team of amazing, dedicated, and experienced professionals. We now have a staff full of some of the most renowned specialists in the fields of trauma, chemical addictions, sexual addiction and love addictions, as well as a host of specific personality and mood disorders.

Meet Our New Staff Members

The latest additions to our Business Development team are Jenna Pastore and Mike Hendren – both highly experienced and compassionate individuals that we are thrilled to welcome aboard. Learn more about Jenna and Mike below:

Jenna Pastore


As a seasoned Senior Business Development Professional, Jenna Pastore brings more than a decade of experience in the field of Addiction and Mental Health Services. Jenna has successfully served in previous roles as Director of Business Development with some of the top treatment providers in the industry. She has a passion for helping people, families find the right treatment resources that will lead them to a life of recovery and freedom from the traumatic experiences that have impacted their lives. She is based in Chicago, Illinois.

Mike Hendren


Mike Hendren works as a Community Relations Developer for Next Chapter.  He has worked in Behavioral Health for the last 5 years in both admissions and marketing.  A large part of Mike’s work includes developing relationships with other professionals in the field, connecting Next Chapter with like-minded treatment providers and supporting the families and individuals who are seeking treatment for substance abuse disorders.  Mike also serves as the Executive Director of the Delray Beach Drug Task Force, an organization designed to provide community leadership and education in the campaign against addiction by maintaining a network and forum to discuss, advocate, and influence issues with regard to public safety, prevention, and rehabilitation.  He volunteers his time at LSIS (Living Skills In the Schools), a program that brings speakers into local schools to talk about addiction.  He earned a BA in Business Management from Missouri Baptist University where he was also an All-American basketball player.

Meet the Next Chapter Staff

In order to meet the other members of the Next Chapter staff, follow the link here.