Meet the Staff – Faith Niece, Primary Therapist

faith niece

Faith Niece, M.A., LMHC, LMFT, ASAT

Over the last 10 years I have had the benefit of knowing and working with gifted clinicians on both a personal and professional level. Since I began my own healing I’ve regarded the therapists in my life as the guides on my journey and this has fueled my passion for becoming a clinician. I truly believe that without the support and guidance from my own therapists over the years I would not have been capable of becoming the woman I am today. Turning around and giving someone else the same gifts I have received as the means to rewrite their lives makes being in this field much more than just a job.

I saw how much freedom, growth and empowerment could come from working with a professional who was both skilled and compassionate. I have found that there is a huge honor in getting to be a part of someone’s journey toward personal recovery. Therapists are responsible for creating a safe, healing and nurturing therapeutic relationship. This is a foundation for the way I practice because as humans we are not likely to be willing to take the risk of being vulnerable or changing unless we know we are safe, and that our most difficult experiences will be listened to with love and respect. This becomes increasingly important when working with someone recovering from substance abuse due to the shame, rejection, and self-loathing that a person may have endured as a result of their addictions. I believe caring for my clients is demonstrated by providing unconditional positive regard as well as healthy boundaries and accountability, allowing them to find a new way of living.

I have spent the last four years of my career in private practice at The New Leaf Center in Orlando, Florida, specializing in the treatment of addictive disorders and recovery from relational trauma. During my Master’s program at Rollins College I began to focus on the treatment of clients experiencing sexuality related concerns, and found myself focused on the field of Sexual Addiction treatment. After graduating, and while working toward becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I completed my training through IITAP as a Sex Addiction Therapist. The combination of my education, life experience and clinical training has allowed me to work with clients in overcoming the hopelessness, devastation, and loss of self that can accompany addiction and trauma. I believe long-term recovery is possible for any client seeking help as long as they begin their journey with the proper foundation, treatment, and support. My vision for joining Next Chapter Recovery is to contribute my skills to this exceptional team to provide clients the opportunity to reclaim their true self.

The idea of giving up substances and behaviors that have become a way of life is not an easy decision, and because of this seeking treatment can be one of the scariest leaps an addict can take. We are our most vulnerable during that initial period of creating change and are in dire need for proper support and guidance. During my time as a clinician in Orlando, I took great pride in referring clients to the best possible inpatient treatment programs. It is my belief as a practitioner that we all deserve the highest standard of care available. Having the opportunity to be joining a program that is providing this standard of excellence in treatment is an honor. I look forward to adding to the specialized and exceptional care that is offered to the men seeking recovery at Next Chapter while they rebuild and rewrite their personal stories.