NFL’s Anthony Fasano Scores Another Touchdown For Addiction Recovery!

DELRAY, Fla., Dec. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Anthony Fasano of the Tennessee Titans is no stranger to addiction. He helplessly watched as one of his family members fell prey to drugs and alcohol. Witnessing his family member’s recovery inspired Anthony to create that same opportunity for others by founding Next Chapter Treatment.

This intimate facility offers its patients a highly individualized therapeutic approach to treating addiction. “Most addiction treatment centers primarily see addiction as the problem and focus on symptoms rather than on the underlying and core issues that have fueled the addictive process,” says Abe Antine LSCW, CEO and Clinical Director of Next Chapter. “At Next Chapter the origins of addiction and other adult dysfunctional behaviors are explored through the lens of attachment and other early childhood issues.” Abe Antine, LCSW

Addiction Recovery from a Compassionate Perspective

“Amidst the horror stories of patient-brokering, fly-by-night programs and corruption in the rehab community, Next Chapter differentiates itself through its code of ethics, exceptional clinical services and extensive family involvement. We provide evidenced based therapeutic models, a 12 step immersion program, and experiential therapies. We also include EMDR, inner child, art, breath work, mindfulness, yoga and meditation.” Abe Antine, LCSW. The treatment center also extensively involves the family, providing them with education, support and a necessary course of action for their own recovery.

Fasano’s personal experience has led him to establish this next generation treatment facility. He says, “It’s a privilege to be able to contribute in this way. Like many, I’ve been touched by this awful disease and sadly watched as it took my family member to the brink of losing his life. “My hope is that Next Chapter will help to save lives and truly be a place where our patients’ stories begin to change.” Anthony Fasano

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