Release Workshops at Next Chapter

intensive trauma workshop

The feeling of being stuck can greatly effect your overall perception of life. When you feel stuck, you want to move forward – but find yourself unable. What is holding you back? Why have you plateaued? Why can’t you seem to move on from this heartbreak, this grief, this experience? Perhaps nothing significant has happened, you just feel tethered to the same monotonous routine. If you feel stuck in a rut, bored, or generally dissatisfied with life, you may be in need of some intensive therapeutic treatment.

Next Chapter Treatment will be hosting an intensive 5-day workshop at a private retreat center in Delray Beach, FL from March 26th through March 31st. Participants will check into the retreat on the night of Sunday, March 26th, and will spend the following week thoroughly immersed in group therapy sessions, somatic experiencing, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, yoga, meditation, art therapy, and much more. Barriers will be broken, and healing will occur. You will identify underlying issues with the compassionate guidance of specialists, who are all dedicated to helping you become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Many of us remain prisoners of our past experiences, unintentionally limiting ourselves based on unresolved fears, insecurities, and ongoing relational problems. Perhaps you have already undergone residential treatment, or simply do not qualify – but still feel as though you need some form of outside help in order to break free from whatever is keeping you stuck. If you are feeling wounded, bound by guilt and shame, inadequate, stuck in a detrimental pattern, or generally dissatisfied with your current circumstances, Release Workshops at Next Chapter is ideal for you.

To reserve your spot, please contact admissions at 561-563-8402.