Testimonials – Why We Do What We Do


Over the course of the past several months, we have received a flood of letters, emails, and phone calls from past patients and their loved ones. Receiving words of gratitude and encouragement means the absolute world to us – this is why we continue doing what we do. Recovery is possible, and playing a small role in the recovery journeys of each of our patients makes it all worthwhile.

Testimonial from a Former Patient

I am writing to thank you and Next Chapter for providing me with superb care during my 2 month stay. I entered Next Chapter with severe depression and psychotic thinking, and I left greatly improved – with a positive attitude and clear thinking.
During my stay, every person at Next Chapter provided thorough, caring treatment and support. I was very impressed by the dedication and wisdom of the Residential Managers, therapists, and support staff. I always felt very safe explaining my innermost fears and concerns, and I always received caring therapeutic treatment, which ultimately allowed me to recover.
Thank you again for providing such a positive and healthy experience. I would highly recommend Next Chapter to any prospective client. – W

Testimonial from The Wife of a Former Patient

Next Chapter was a blessing in assisting my husband with severe depression and catastrophizing thoughts.  My husband was suffering for 4 months before he arrived at Next Chapter. Previously he attended individual DBT and CBT sessions with 2 different private therapists for 2 months, showing no improvement. Next, he enrolled in an outpatient program near our home.  He attended the program for several weeks, still showing no sings of improvement. Next Chapter was recommended to us by an independent placement consultant. Our initial contact person at Next Chapter was Steve Brenner, Director of Admissions. Steve Brenner was wonderful to talk to; he seemed to understand everything in regards to my husband’s illness. He was very thorough and was available to answer all of our questions prior to us making a final decision in regards to entering Next Chapter.

The therapists assigned to our family and my husband were amazing!  Jessica Baum, family therapist, was very informative and knowledgeable on childhood trauma, which both myself and my husband have experienced.  Given the distance from my home to Next Chapter, Jessica was able to provide family therapy and support to our family by telephone. Malia Birk, my husband’s therapist, was respectful, kind, and calm, and she provided a safe environment that allowed my husband to talk about his inner-most fears and thoughts (which does not come naturally for him). The collaboration was excellent among the therapists, Dr. Steinberg, the various professionals, and all of the staff members. They were able to assess my husband’s illness while providing the proper pharmaceutical treatment. This combination of treatment methods has improved his depression and catastrophic thinking.

Next Chapter believes not only in treating the client, but also treating the whole extended family. Given their treatment protocol, I did not feel alone, and I was able to take care of our children and myself while my husband was away. I attended the Family Days Program for 3 days; this program consisted of intense group therapy, and it was extremely productive. I came away from that program feeling positive about my husband’s treatment and optimistic about the future. Before my husband was released, we received a complete list of professionals who were recommended by Next Chapter, and who were knowledgeable in the realms of the treatment methods my husband participated in while in inpatient. This helped us out a great deal, and it was very important to ensure my husband had a smooth transition from a quiet environment to a home with children – a lively household. My husband is home continuing his therapeutic care, learning to balance work and family, and overall feeling GREAT.

We will be forever grateful for the care my husband received at Next Chapter.  – C