The Importance of Inner Child Work

inner child re-parenting

No matter how old you are, or how self-reliant, strong, and wise, there is a little child deep within you who needs love, affection, and acceptance. When we are children and something goes wrong, we tend to adopt the idea that there is something wrong with us as individuals. If we are neglected or abused by our caretakers when we are young, we are liable to develop the idea that if we only changed the way we behaved, our caretakers might love us or appreciate us more. We begin to believe that if we change the way we interact and conduct ourselves, we may stop being punished and started being treated with compassion and placidity. Over time, we truly begin to feel as if there is something wrong with us – as if we are not good enough. Rejecting ourselves becomes the norm.

Childhood Abuse Leads to Distorted Core Beliefs

As well as a child, a parent resides deep within each of us. In most cases, this parent incessantly scolds the child – this relationship becomes apparent when we truly tune in to our inner dialogue. When we tune in, we are able to hear the parent scolding the child – telling the child why he or she is not good enough, and all the areas in which he or she needs drastic improvement. The parent is not loving or nurturing the child, but rather condemning the child for its flaws and missteps. The main goal of intensive inner child work is to teach the inner parent to accept and love the inner child, so the collective consciousness can comprehensively heal from past hurts – hurts that still resonate deep within us and prevent us from living emotionally fulfilling lives as adults.

Re-Parenting the Inner Child

Re-parenting ourselves is often an essential component of the process of healing from childhood trauma. When we are neglected during childhood and our emotional needs are not being met, we simply learn to live without. We grow up sacrificing our own needs in order to please others, and we find little success in interpersonal relationships because of this. We must learn not only to recognize our own personal requirements, but to fulfill them in healthy and effective ways. Taking the time to re-parent ourselves will teach us to provide ourselves with the support, nurturing, and affection we have been craving for so long. A once shattered sense of self-worth will slowly be rebuilt, and we will discover that everything necessary to healing has been inside of us all along.

Our Program of Inner Child Work

We at Next Chapter incorporate a thorough curriculum of inner child work into our day-to-day therapeutic program. We focus heavily on the impact that relational trauma in early childhood often has on healthy functioning later on in life, and explore the relationship between unresolved trauma and substance dependency. We work to instill clients with the tools necessary to rebuild self-esteem, set healthy boundaries, express and fulfill needs and wants, and begin living in a functional reality. For more information on our extensive program of inner child child work, please feel free to contact us today.