Treatment Services

We at Next Chapter believe that addiction treatment is certainly not a one-size-fits-all process. Each patient is provided with a treatment plan uniquely catered to his individualized needs, a plan developed by a team of licensed therapists and clinicians, and geared towards personal growth. Next Chapter specializes in an array of therapeutic services, all utilized to treat the many co-occurring symptoms and consequences of both addiction and trauma.


Next Chapter encourages a safe and professionally monitored medical detox for our patients prior to entering treatment. Although Next Chapter does not provide detox services, we work with many detox facilities and would be happy to assist you in selecting the best one for your needs.
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Upon admission, each patient will receive an initial psychiatric and medical evaluation. Our patients will meet weekly with our board certified psychiatrist who specializes in addiction for follow-up sessions and medication monitoring.
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Individual Therapy

Patients will be assigned a primary therapist who they will meet with regularly for individual therapy. Individual therapy is an opportunity for patients to work collaboratively with their therapist to create an individualized treatment plan.
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Group Therapy

Patients will attend several groups daily. We provide many types of group therapy including process oriented, educational, experiential, and 12-step based. We believe group therapy is a conducive format for our patients to learn and heal.
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Family Program

We at Next Chapter believe family education and involvement is vital to the treatment process for loved ones. Families will be assigned their own therapist who will work closely with them throughout the treatment process.
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12-Step Immersion

Patients will be educated on the history and practical application of the 12 steps in their lives. Our 12 Step staff will educate patients on the biological, emotional and social causes underlying addiction and how it applies to their ways of coping with life’s stresses and difficulties. Patients will be guided through the recovery process, taken to daily 12 step meetings and assisted in the sponsorship process.
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Life Skills and Vocational

Patients will attend life skills and vocational groups designed to increase their competency and independence; including budgeting, job search, resume writing, interviewing skills, college preparation or returning to existing careers.
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Yoga / Meditation / Breath Work

Patients will participate in guided spiritual exercise practices, including yoga, meditation and breath work.
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Nutrition and Wellness

Upon admission, each patient will meet with a Nutritionist who will help create a healthy nutrition plan. We believe that improving and rehabilitating physical health through proper nutrition and exercise is a helpful foundation for sustaining recovery. Patients will also participate in regular exercise classes or visit the gym.
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Next Chapter saved my life. I am a 38 year old who has struggled with addiction for my entire adult life. I have also tried to battle this many times and have a history of chronic relapse. I have been through other treatment centers and have never been able to maintain permanent sobriety...
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