12-Step Education

We at Next Chapter believe that our fully comprehensive clinical program is, in the majority of cases, best supplemented by an introduction to and education on the 12-step method of recovery. While we understand that the 12-step method of recovery may not be necessary for some our patients, many of the men we treat struggle with dual diagnosis disorders.

Even if a patient is being treated for mental health or trauma as a primary diagnosis, we may recommend he attend outside 12-step meetings if we believe that he would benefit from them. In many instances, we find that supplementing clinical recovery with a 12-step program of some kind to be extremely beneficial. We introduce our patients to many varieties of program – not merely Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Some other programs we may familiarize our patients with include:

  • SLAA – Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
  • OCOA – Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Al-Anon – For the friends and family members of addicted individuals
  • Coda – A 12-step meeting for codependents

Patients who struggle with addictive disorders will be educated on the history and practical application of the 12-steps, and will be taken to outside meetings on a regular basis where they will be further familiarized with this specific model of recovery. Our personally experienced staff members work to educate patients on the biological, emotional and social causes underlying addiction, and how addictive thinking is directly linked to their old ways of coping with life’s stresses and difficulties.

Many of our residential staff members have personal experience with 12-step programs, and are available to act as mentors to our patients, helping them better navigate the 12-step method of recovery. Patients who choose to further explore the 12-step method will be taken to 12-step meetings daily, and will be guided through the process of obtaining a sponsor and building a sober support system. Patients will be encouraged to socialize with their sponsors and sober supports, which will assist them in developing strong positive ties to the sober community.

Patients will learn all about the ways in which other men, serving as examples, have succeeded in becoming fully functioning members of society. Patients will become increasingly involved in the daily, weekly and monthly practices of spiritual growth and development. On Sundays, sponsors and guest speakers will visit the property for a day of fellowship, recovery and fun.

90 Days ago, with little hope and feelings of total helplessness, I drove my son from New York to Next Chapter on a recommendation from our District Attorney’s office. We were meet with an instant feeling of understanding and renewed hope. Addiction is a life-long battle, but with the understanding, therapy and commitment that was given at Next Chapter I feel cautiously optimistic regarding my son’s recovery. Next Chapter and their staff I regard as high level professionals.
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