Family Program

Families are a vital component to the treatment process at Next Chapter. We believe that it is essential for the family to simultaneously engage in their own treatment and recovery process. Families will be assigned their own therapist who will work closely with them throughout the treatment process. Upon admission family’s will be asked to complete their own family of origin and assessment packet. Family members together with their assigned therapist will have an opportunity to examine their own childhoods and core issues which have lead to unhealthy patterns of enabling and less than functional parenting. They will learn how to provide healthy support for their loved ones.Our goal is for family members to get the education, support and attention they so desperately need and often do not get when loved ones are in treatment.

At Next Chapter Treatment, we believe the family is just as important to us as is the identified patient. In order to treat the patient, we need to work closely with the family. The family provides invaluable experience and knowledge about the patient and the family system. We believe that just like the patient needs to heal so does the family. By treating the family and helping the family heal we increase our ability to treat the patient.


“My journey (and growth!) of these last several months has been tremendous, and I could not be more grateful to Next Chapter and all involved for your part in helping me to open my eyes and heart to a self-awareness I have not had in a very, very long time. I took your suggestions from our first initial conversations of getting back to 12 step meetings, counseling and my own inward continued journey. I express genuine, true heartfelt thanks for that.

I am in such a better place of working on letting my son’s journey be his very own choices and stepping back with my business being my own and staying out of his. It’s progress and far from perfection, and it’s a start. I feel freer from those enmeshed feelings of when he is frustrated or angry or spent–whatever–and such an awesome freedom from that. I feel freer from that with my ex-husband, my work relationships, my relationship with my current partner. And it feels incredibly empowering, humbling and dare I say at times, joyful.

My own journey continues, as with all. You will remain within. Again, I am beyond grateful for the experience of this relationship with you all in this most precious work you do. And as one of my favorite expressions goes,
More will be revealed!

All the very best.”


Becoming a Stronger Family Unit

Addiction treatment requires the commitment of every family member to provide the best chance of success for the patient. When family members are willing to work together, they heighten the chance for better relationships, greater functionality, better communication, and renewed affection among the whole family. Our family therapists are integrated within a patient’s behavioral health treatment team to make the experience as uplifting and transformational as possible. As family members find recovery within themselves, they are able to move towards a healthier relationship with their loved one.

At Next Chapter we truly believe that the entire family is affected by addiction and therefore the entire family needs to be treated. Our goal is to not only help the loved one but also to help the family heal from the pain they have experienced.

Many families that come to treatment are confused about addiction, the role family members play in the addiction process, the difference between healthy support and enabling and what lies at the core of some of the major issues. We believe that it is essential we educate and support the family around these issues. When families have a better understanding of addiction and family dynamics they are in a better place to begin the healing process

Helping the clinical team with the loved one’s treatment

From the onset of treatment, family members remain an important part of their loved ones treatment. Through intensive family involvement the clinical team can better understand the family dynamics and are better prepared to address dysfunctional behavior and unhealthy family relationships. This process significantly impacts the treatment process and assists greatly in the treatment of the loved one with the addiction.

Our family programs and treatment help both families and patients understand the emotional consequences of addiction, the recovery process, and the enormous impact of addiction on the family. Families also learn how their behaviors and attitudes may have inadvertently enabled their loved one’s addiction to progress; we give them the tools to recover from this behavior. And, we teach families about the relapse signs and triggers so that they can help the patient maintain a lifetime of recovery.

Families will have the opportunity to engage in the same type of therapies, group and individual, that their loved one’s experience during treatment. They will be introduced to many new ways of communicating and understanding one another, encouraging open and honest discussion of the difficulties and struggles that combined to create the addictive lifestyle of their loved ones. Families learn how to effectively support each other emotionally, and to establish appropriate boundaries. This collaboration fosters the healing process and brings the family closer together. The family discovery process has been proven to be a key factor in long-term healing and recovery.


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Next Chapter saved my life. I am a 38 year old who has struggled with addiction for my entire adult life. I have also tried to battle this many times and have a history of chronic relapse. I have been through other treatment centers and have never been able to maintain permanent sobriety...
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