Internet Addiction

Internet Addiction is the obsessive and compulsive use of the internet and all its forms. These include social media or social networking sites, virtual gaming and gambling, online communities, chat-rooms, blogging, web-surfing etc. Excessive internet use can be considered addictive when it interferes with one’s daily life (ex; work, school, relationships, finances, sleep, diet, or hygiene). Internet Addiction can be characterized by compulsive behaviors toward the Internet, regardless of the negative consequences impacting one’s life.


Internet Addiction represents multiple impulse-control issues including:

  • Computer Addiction, or the obsessive behavior involving computer programming, software, and off-line computer games like solitaire.
  • Information Addiction, or excessive web-surfing and searching.
  • Online Compulsion, or the addiction to online gaming, gambling, stock-trading, or auctions.
  • Cybersex Addiction, or compulsively using internet pornography, adult interacting and role-playing websites usually in replacement of real-life intimate relationships.
  • Cyber-Relationship Addiction, the obsessive and compulsive use of social networking websites, chat-rooms, e-mail, texting or messaging, usually occurring instead of formulating real-life relationships.

Internet Addiction may be a substitution for real-life human connection. It is common for those with internet Addiction to struggle with “real life” situations and they often find an escape in chat-rooms, social-networking, web-surfing or playing games. Many internet addicts value their online relationships more than those relationships in real-life. They often experience a strong sense of community online rather than in their physical world. They may create a profile or identity they believe can’t be portrayed in real-life.

At Next Chapter, we treat patients suffering from internet addiction through assessing the underlying causes and helping them reconnect to a healthier and balanced lifestyle. All of these, like many addictions, can interfere with real-life relationships as well as affect work performance and personal finances.

Next Chapter treats patients from all over the United States and in our back yard of Delray, West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, FL.

Next Chapter saved my life. I am a 38 year old who has struggled with addiction for my entire adult life. I have also tried to battle this many times and have a history of chronic relapse. I have been through other treatment centers and have never been able to maintain permanent sobriety...
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