What is Psychodrama?

psychodrama therapy

Psychodrama therapy, which was first developed by Dr. Jacob Moreno, is a creative and practical therapeutic technique that utilizes role playing and guided drama to help patients actively work through personal problems and painful past memories. Psychodrama has proven useful in one-on-one settings and in a group settings (sociodrama), but is most commonly employed in a small, therapeutic group. This way, others can step in and help to reenact scenarios and relationships.

During each individual psychodrama session, participants will be guided through reenactments by a specially trained therapist. The scenes that are reenacted may include past situations, recurring dreams, or envisioned preparations for events that have not yet transpired. Psychodrama is most successful in a group setting, because not only can other individuals fulfill certain roles in the reenactment, but they can offer insight and support. Together, the therapeutic group will work to uncover potentially misguided beliefs and bring all underlying issues to the surface.

Like all of the therapeutic techniques that we at Next Chapter employ, psychodrama is a goal-oriented approach to healing from trauma and potential co-occurring disorders. The main goals of psychodrama are to gain new insights and perspectives, resolve underlying issues, and practice new behaviors. This method of therapy has also been found beneficial in developing and implementing a new, more advantageous set of life skills.

Benefits of Psychodrama

Psychodrama, when properly carried out in a professional setting, can be quite a powerful experience for everyone involved. This unconventional form of real-time therapy has become a common and beneficial alternative to standard talk therapy.

Psychodrama has been proven to help people:

  • Improve their communication skills
  • Improve the quality of their relationships
  • Overcome loss and work through the grieving process
  • Improve life skills and enhance the ability to learn new behaviors and coping mechanisms
  • Express feelings in a safe and supportive environment
  • Restore a sense of self-confidence
  • Improve overall well-being

Psychodrama is utilized to treat a wide variety of disorders and conditions, including:

  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Adoption and Attachment Issues
  • Eating Disorders
  • Autism

Psychodrama is an experimental form of therapy, one that allows for correction through re-experiencing, and dynamic improvement through role playing and active expression. Through the dramatic interpretation of persistent issues, this method of therapy facilitates personal growth and insight on behavioral, cognitive, and affective levels. Creative exploration of self is beneficial to everyone – not just those struggling to overcome trauma, addiction, or relational issues. However, we at Next Chapter employ this therapeutic approach as a method of healing from detrimental behavioral and interpersonal patterns, as well as a way for our patients to begin establishing a new set of life skills. To learn more about psychodrama, or how we incorporate this specific method into our overall program of recovery, please feel free to contact us today.