Treatment only extends for a short while. But recovery lasts a lifetime.

Before leaving our care, Next Chapter ensures that each client learns a variety of techniques to overcome their emotional triggers, but that is just the first step toward a lasting, sustainable recovery.



  • Following discharge from treatment, Next Chapter staff will remain in close contact, calling to check in on clients regularly, and offer any support that may be needed. Calls are made weekly for the first month, then monthly for half a year, and once every three months thereafter.


  • Calls are also made to alumni family members to offer any needed support when their loved one leaves our care. A monthly Family Alumni Support Group is conducted via phone conference, and is open to any client alumni family members.


  • Once a month, we invite alumni members to return and hold a meeting with current clients in the residences. This informal session allows alumni to catch up with friends they’ve made in treatment and share their experiences post-treatment.


  • A yearly gathering of alumni is also held to recognize and celebrate the successes of individuals and family members in their ongoing recovery efforts.