We are fortunate to have some of the finest
and most dedicated therapists working today.

Make no mistake. Assisting clients as they identify and learn to overcome deep personal trauma while at the same time recovering from addiction and mental health issues is extremely challenging work. It requires significant, specialized training, as well as incredible insight and empathy, as well as a deep passion for helping people.



Lead Therapist

Originally from New York, Jennifer is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been working in the field of addiction and co-occurring disorders since 2008. She utilizes both cognitive and existential therapeutic approaches and has vast experience in practicing the many experiential techniques utilized at Next Chapter. Jennifer is also passionate about the power of family of origin work in relation to childhood trauma, substance abuse, and eating disorders. As Lead Therapist at Next Chapter, Jennifer leads her clients in discovering a path to recovery, focusing on the renewable purpose that exists within each individual. Through her therapeutic approach, she aims to accentuate the hopeful light that healing creates, rather than the shadows that addiction can cast.


Primary Therapist

Lana was born and raised in Delray Beach, FL and received a double BA in both political and social science from Florida Atlantic University in 2008. After moving to New York City and completing a yoga teacher training program, she discovered that she had a passion for somatic experiencing and “holding space” for other to work through their inner experiences. Lana returned to Delray Beach to earn her master’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University, and was selected for a clinical internship at the VA in West Palm Beach where she gained valuable clinical experience working with veterans suffering from severe and persistent mental illness.

After graduating, Lana continued to expand her knowledge and skills by training in EMDR, Clinical Hypnotherapy (attachment focused), Risking Connection, and Internal Family Systems, and completing an intensive trauma therapy training led by Bessel Van Der Kolk. An insatiable learner, Lana has continued to read and self-educate on the neurobiology of early and chronic trauma as well as a multitude of methods including Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Neuro-Affective Relational Model, and has recently completed Post Induction Therapy training and earned her license in clinical social work.

Taryn Scala, LMHC

Primary Therapist

Taryn is a licensed mental health clinician. She has been practicing and enhancing her psychotherapy skills for nearly a decade, working with some of South Florida’s largest treatment and behavioral health facilities as well as private practice therapy. She is skilled in individual, family, couples and play therapy with children. She has worked with diverse populations of varied backgrounds. Taryn earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida Atlantic University with a major in Psychology and a minor in Criminology. She then went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University.

Taryn has an eclectic approach to her treatment style. This unique style, which borrows from traditional modalities such as cognitive behavioral, solution focused, existential and person-centered therapies enables her to tailor her practice to meet the individual needs of each client she treats. Her areas of specialty include dealing with complicated cases involving substance use disorders and client relapse. Taryn also specializes in treating adjustment disorders which often present with co-occurring issues and components. Additionally, Taryn has experience with clinical supervision, program development and clinical administration. Taryn’s work comes from a place of empathy and compassion yet aims to propel clients towards discovering their own personal assets which allow them to navigate through life’s transitions and difficulties.

Brianna Levy, Psy.D.

Family Therapist

Brianna is a licensed clinical psychologist and holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from William James College in Newton, MA. She is trained in Post-Induction Therapy and is passionate about using a wide range of clinical approaches to help individuals gain freedom from past trauma, addiction, and patterns of codependency. She considers each day that she is able to use her clinical skills to improve a person’s life and sense of well-being to be a privilege.



Energy Healing and Soul Collage Therapist

Judy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a MS Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. She is a Florida licensed psychotherapist with over 22 years in the mental health field. Judy has a clinical background working with hospice, at-risk adolescent females, and chemical dependency. Judy also holds certifications in Rapid Resolution Therapy, Healing Touch and SoulCollage®. She specializes in trauma resolution and psycho-spiritual transformation via integrated mind/body modalities and approaches. Judy has been making and facilitating workshops with the SoulCollage® process for over 8 years.



Director of Outpatient and Alumni Services

Marcel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Miami native. He began working in the addiction treatment field in 2001 as a Mental Health Technician in an inpatient treatment center, where his desire to help those with mental health issues, particularly addiction, motivated him to complete a B.S. degree in Social Psychology, followed by a Masters of Social Work Degree at Florida Atlantic University. Prior to entering private practice, he held the positions of Primary Therapist and Clinical Director at an addiction treatment center. Marcel works with adults and late teens with issues such as depression, anxiety, lack of direction and meaning of life questions, and substance abuse. He specializes in addiction, post-treatment and early recovery challenges, helping those impacted by the addiction of others, co-dependency, and adjustment problems.



No matter who you are, these kinds of challenges are nearly impossible to overcome on your own. Next Chapter can help you break free from the impact of mental health, trauma, and the cycle of addiction.