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We recognize the challenging nature of getting someone who is struggling with addiction or mental health into treatment, and we are here to help in any way we can. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact our admissions office today at 561.563.8407.

Each Client meets with their therapist up to twice a week individually and 4 times in small group (4-6 clients). Patients will also meet weekly with medical director and trauma focused therapist.

Although we believe that there is tremendous value in 12 step programs, we understand that 12 step programs are not for everyone and offer various alternatives to 12 step programs. We do offer one 12 step education group throughout the week and provide transportation to 12 step meetings 5 nights a week.

Patients do not have regular access to their phones and computers. However, will be able to make calls and use a computer when clinically appropriate. If a patient has family or employment obligations we will accommodate those needs.

As often as it is clinically appropriate.

During the week, Yoga to begin each day, small case load in the morning, experiential or psycho-educational group in the afternoon, individual sessions, gym and 12 step meetings in the evenings.

The weekend involves leisure time, activities and treatment assignments.

There are no clinical groups or individual sessions on the weekends.

Generally, 2 groups a day.

No, Treatment can be paid for prior to the start of each 30 day period.

Insurance offsets a portion of the cost of treatment.

Medications that aren’t covered by insurance, co pays for medications and outside dr appointments not with our psychiatrist or ARNP, psychological testing when recommended.

(EMDR, CBT, Energy work, Post induction Therapy, Clinical Breathwork, Trauma Informed Yoga)

Treatment is a minimum of 60 days and driven by the clinical needs of the patient. We do offer a 45-day track for professionals when appropriate.



No matter who you are, these kinds of challenges are nearly impossible to overcome on your own. Next Chapter can help you break free from the impact of mental health, trauma, and the cycle of addiction.