We are ready to help you our your loved one
begin their journey into recovery.

Our residential services team is here to assist you to the fullest extent possible. At Next Chapter, we try to do everything in our power to ease our clients’ transitioning into treatment.


Andy Silvagni

Director Of Residential Services

Andy is the Director of Residential Service, he is greatly honored to be part of the team here at Next Chapter and the great work we do here helping men recover. He has been part of the team at Next Chapter since we open our doors in 2015. He has been working in the treatment field for 5 years, was born in New Jersey and is proud/loving Uncle to Ava Marie and Michael Silvagni.

Joe Mickno

Lead Resident Manager and Case Management

Joe was born in Camden, NJ. He enjoys traveling home to Philadelphia to spend time with his family. Joe relocated to South Florida, while here he acquired a passion for helping those that are struggling and reintegrated back into society while fostering a healthy lifestyle. Trust the Process!

Dan Celmer

Resident Manager

John Pulidore

Resident Manager

Jonny Alberga

Resident Manager

Tom Beyer

Resident Manager

Chris Hussey

Resident Manager

Michael Manak

Resident Manager

Travar Dixon

Resident Manager



No matter who you are, these kinds of challenges are nearly impossible to overcome on your own. Next Chapter can help you break free from the impact of mental health, trauma, and the cycle of addiction.